8 Ways To Improve Scannability - Collabrium Consumer Engagement Tips
Scanning graphic

8 Ways To Improve Scannability

I bet that as you’re reading this you are starting to scan. 

You start out strong. 

Reading the first couple of sentences.

And then the words start to become….

Hfhbbdbjjv Chooseguygvf kghdifklhuvi???

Vhjkunjui hjhngCollabrium’seg hinjifdhuihui!!!!

Dfhjdkbhfdilu iunjydfgCopywriterhjfdlfb dhfbdkbk….

And so you eventually scan to the end. 

I understand, everyone does it! (That’s why I put a shortcut below for you)

  1. Make It Snappy
  2. Headings
  4. Numbering
  5. Bolding
  6. Dot Points
  7. Personalise
  8. Graphics

Science Behind Scannability

It’s time to accept that consumers don’t read, they scan.

In the digital world, we are bombarded with content so our evolving brain has created a coping mechanism to sieve through all this information. 

We call this technique, scanning

(Stay with me I promise it’s worth it, you got this!)

Importance of Scannability

You might be asking, so what’s the point of writing content then? Let alone pay for it?

Although some might not fully read it, they will be scanning your most important information.

And IF you have created engaging content, scanning will turn into reading…

Which will then blossom into engagement with your business!

Investing in Scannability

Enter in the copywriter *cough* like me *cough* *cough*, who entices your customers to invest through the magic of words alone. 

This is MAKE OR BREAK (see how you scanned here) as without great copy there is no point in investing money into marketing if they are just going to click off. 

But Emily, can’t you just give me copywriting engagement tips?

Of course I can, that’s what our helpful team at Collabrium is here for! 

How To Capture Readers Attention

1. Make it Snappy

Think of it as an elevator pitch, get to the point and fast.

Making sure it answers your readers’ questions in an engaging way.

(Remember it’s not English class, there is no need to ramble to reach a word count.)

2. Headings

Nothing turns people off more than seeing bulk information with no breaks. 



Use this sparingly, as caps lock screams out and the more screams the more it loses effect.



And sadly gets lost in the sea of capslock.

4. Numbering

Wow, you have 10 ways to eat ice cream? Let’s hear it!

People also like to know how many points they have left to go…

As we are impatient creatures after all. 

5. Bolding

Your eyes automatically jump to the points where there is irregularity, so make sure you bold the most important points for scannability. 

6. Dot Points

  • Easy summary to scan 
  • Doesn’t bore the reader
  • Can jump from one point to the next

7. Personalise

Talk directly to your reader, the more personalised (targeted) the more they’ll want to pay attention to what you are saying.  

For example, what makes you feel more seen.

A) Hello, buy blue light glasses.

B) Hello reader who is glued to their tablet, are your eyes starting to hurt?

Do we have the blue light glasses for you.

8. Graphics

Last but not least, let the visuals tell the story…

Graphics Scannability

So there we have it, folks, those are my top tips to get your audience to read and engage!

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