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Benefits of Your Very Own Ordering Service

The battle between in-house vs outsourcing has been going on for decades. Whether your own online ordering app is better than a third party selling your service for you. 

However, when you take in the fact that almost 80% of customers would prefer to order directly from the company… It puts the benefit of in-house into perspective. 

In this blog, we will discuss the 10 Cons of 3rd Party vs the Benefits of In-house ordering services.

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10 Cons of Third Party Ordering Services

  1. Income Imbalance: commission fees are ridiculously high with restaurants losing up to 30% from Uber Eats, for example. So unless you raise prices without discounts (which is what draws people in), you will be losing more money than making it. (Why Uber Eats Will Eat You Into Bankruptcy)
  2. Time Wasting: Point Of Sale systems aren’t designed to receive orders from delivery platforms. Your staff will waste time re-entering ALL orders one by one. 
  3. Giving Up Control: restaurant owners should feel concerned about giving up power, as over 80% of customers blame the restaurant for the error rather than the delivery service. 
  4. Loss of Communication: since there’s no way for customers to communicate to your business on the app, you may miss out on receiving essential feedback. (other than negative reviews caused by 3rd party)
  5. Delivery Flaws: if the food or drink arrives to the customer late, spilled or cold, your restaurant will likely get the blame. Rather then the service that caused it, you will be ruined with the bad review instead.
  6. No Tips: since 3rd party services don’t offer an option for tipping restaurants, the drivers will be taking credit for your hard-earned work.
  7. Kitchen Backlog: delivery orders can easily overburden your kitchen, especially if a large group of customers unexpectedly order food. (from someone else’s app)
  8. Giving up data: you can’t track or improve through your buyer history since the outsourced company owns it.
  9. Fewer jobs: 3rd party delivery services employ their own drivers. You are essentially taking away jobs from your hardworking employees. (Who are likely already struggling with money due to lockdown)
  10. Compare to Competitors: say goodbye to potential customers… Due to how easy their apps make it to compare to rival prices or be offered a discount on something else.

10 Benefits of In-house Ordering Service

  1. Long Term Savings: no overpriced 3rd party fees ripping you off, choosing Collabrium to design your ordering service will save you money in the long run!
  2. Save Time: when Collabrium creates your ordering system, you will end up saving time with how easy the Point of Sale is! 
  3. Gain Control: take the reins back and improve your brand image and reputation through our advertising options!
  4. Easy Communication: we ensure your customers are well looked after as we consider feedback essential for your ordering platform. 
  5. No 3rd Party Errors: our seamless integration stops you from being blamed for 3rd party ordering mistakes!
  6. Tips Galore: since it’s your own ordering app, of course we’re going to design it to recommend tips to your restaurant! 
  7. Kitchen Backlog: you can easily accept or reject orders with our ordering setup, no more orders blindsiding you!
  8. Control Data: we help you easily track and improve through your valuable buyer history!
  9. More Jobs: employ your own drivers so you can support your hardworking employees during the lockdown. You can also employ an Australian marketing agency and stay local, like Collabrium for example 😉
  10. Differentiate from Competitors: increase potential customers with our ordering service that differentiates from your rival!

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Customers want to be able to order from the brand they trust, not a random corporation. 

Make the smart choice, say goodbye to the Cons of 3rd parties…

And hello to the Benefits of hiring Collabrium to design your very own outperforming ordering system below!