Founded in 1997, Centech Group delivers a range of revolutionary services within the commercial and industrial market, including Electrical, Data Communications, Audio-visual, Security Installations and much more.

Centech opted to source ground-breaking website design and development from Collabrium so that they could have ownership over their platform, which they did not have previously. The digital marketing strategy behind the first website build was so effective in attaining brand value through showcasing Centech’s services that it opened the door for a more significant opportunity. This led our team to stage 2 – a replication of the website with the integration of further strategic and creative approaches to digital marketing.


When a company does not have ownership over their website platform, this can lead to many issues. Centech faced the struggles of being unable to profoundly reach customers since they had their platform entirely removed due to the action from external ownership. A national service like Centech, who lose a valuable digital platform, can create a lot of damage within their marketing.

Reaching out to Collabrium, we delivered a platform that enables Centech to have full ownership – our partnership solution has propelled them forward with enormous potential. With their flawlessly restructured website, they have received a greater opportunity to communicate and showcase their unification of services.

Partnership Solution

Collabrium always operates with ‘outside the box’ expansive digital marketing ideas. When Centech required a newly built website, they were also provided with a revolutionary marketing strategy, integrated into the platform. The first version of their new platform's functionality along with Google Ads was so successful in reaching their customers. They have now opened the door to more significant marketing opportunities.

This new strategy attained so much value that Centech had the likes of renowned organisations reaching out to them – including Dell Computers, Air New Zealand and MoneyMe.

This called for stage two, where Collabrium designed and developed the second version of Centech's website, which implemented a new section to showcase their case studies and opportunity for landing pages.


While this was an extensive and complex project, Collabrium were able to deliver a seamless integration of solutions, meeting Centech's requirements according to budget. The following services included:

  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO




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