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Visiting some of the most elegant cafes and restaurants in Milan, the team at Coffee Haus discovered Portioli, falling in love with its distinct flavours and aromas. It is here where their obsession with the brand began. With further travels throughout Italy, Europe and beyond, Portioli continued its romance through its consistent quality and flavours regardless of which country or café they stopped by to have a coffee in.

From there a relationship began, bringing the delicate flavours and aromas of Portioli to Australia and New Zealand. Coffee Haus is the sole distributor of Portioli Coffee and Gime Espresso Machines.


In 2019, Coffee Haus required engagement solutions from a digital front when designing and building their website. Since they do not have access to all fields of expertise, they needed to source an expert who specialises in website design, sensory art and offer consultation audits.

The challenge was that the website needed to function in a way that dramatically enabled the Coffee Haus sales team to create a connection with distributors such as coffee shops. They were seeking a strong presence that would speak to consumers and retail outlets with unique messaging and information.

Engagement Solution

Collabrium delivered a website design that reflected stunning sensory art. Not only is the design genuinely captivating, and in alignment with the brand, the functionality of the website and its approach to marketing also bring about plenty of potentials. With additional engaging elements such as a barista quiz, events for wholesalers and consumers, Coffee Haus have been able to connect with the community through the delivery of effective, ongoing marketing measures.

Not only does the website educate consumers about Portioli and its attributes, the website actively addresses the connection and relationship to the product.


The following services were delivered for this one-time engagement solution:

  • Website Design
  • Sensory Art
  • Consultation Audits


Boowie font
Museo Sans
Museo sans 300
Museo sans 500
Ramland font


Primary colours
#333333 RGB 51/51/51
#EAE2DC RGB 234/226/220
#F0EBE6 RGB 240/235/230
Secondary colours
#FF9300 RGB 255/147/0
#666666 RGB 102/102/102
#999999 RGB 153/153/153

Creating a website for any organisation can be daunting for some. For our organisation engaging Collabrium made our journey pleasurable. The team connected our Company, Brand and Products with the perfect digital presence, with the final result exceeding your expectations. Trust your brand with no other company but Collabrium

James | Managing Director | Coffee Haus

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