Hungry Jack’s

Hungry Jack’s (HJ) is an Australian fast-food franchise of the Burger King Corporation. With over 450 stores across Australia, Hungry Jack’s is the second-largest franchiser of Burger King in the world.

HJ reached out to Collabrium in 2020 to create a campaign management system that would enable them to utilise a 3-step process that gives them specific visibility of the entire range of stores across Australia. Through using the campaign management tool that Collabrium built, HJ now capitalise on creating and delivering market-specific content that generates powerful results. They have also dramatically saved on printing costs and compliance measures.


When a large organisation does not have visibility of all their, this brings about intense challenges of delivering marketing campaigns that are specific to each store. HJ needed to up their game by sourcing a tool that would enable them to collect particular data. They required this to be done through an audit so that they could execute on specified campaigns that would be relatable to store visibility.

Engagement Solution

To overcome this challenge, HJ sourced Collabrium's expertise to build a campaign management platform through a one-off project engagement solution. Due to the detailed, technical insight and specifications that were implemented into this solution, HJ has significantly saved substantial printing costs. This revolutionary tool has enabled them to have a strong visibility of data, which allows them to operate more strategically and relevantly when it comes to delivering marketing campaigns.

This tool entails a 3-step process. The first, going through the process of auditing to attain the correct data and visibility. This then enables them to execute on the specific marketing campaigns, which then leads them to effortlessly being able to meet compliance measures.


The following services were delivered within this one-off engagement project to meet the campaign management needs of Hungry Jack's.

  • Technical Insight
  • Application Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Intelligence

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