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Our Step By Step Digital Process


Research & Identification Phase01

01 – Research & Identification Phase

The right people


Research & Identification Phase

Building strong foundations for success, otherwise, your marketing campaign will crumble.

Extensively understanding your business and your audience.

Our team researches how your product/ service fits into consumers needs through:

Company Analysis

  • What is your value proposition? What sets you apart.

Brand Positioning;

  • Finding Your X-Factor, positioning YOU as the solution.

Target Audience

  • Who is your ideal customer, what do they need and where to find them?

Strategy & Creation Phase02

02 – Strategy & Creation Phase

Communicating the right message


Strategy & Creation Phase

Finding the balance between strategy and creativity is the key to unlocking successful marketing. Positioning your company as the saviour using captivating creativity to generate awareness, leads and sales through:

  • Intensive campaign strategising  
  • Establish campaign objectives
  • Identifying best-suited platforms
  • Campaign elements & content creation
  • Setting KPI’s and timelines

Distribution & Targeting Phase03

03 – Distribution & Targeting Phase

In the right place


Distribution & Targeting Phase

Identifying the right platforms to reach your audience and market your business is crucial. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting money advertising in the wrong avenues, missing your target audience.

Collabrium makes sure you reach your full visibility potential through:

  • Choosing the correct platforms 
  • Implementing strategic targeting
  • Targeting with paid ads 
  • Creating targeted content

Execution & Analysing Phase04

04 – Execution & Analysing Phase

Finding the right time


Execution & Analysing Phase

We answer the age-old question: when is the best time to distribute your marketing? Through analysing data and your audience, identifying when they are most active and in need of response. 

We narrow down to the most effective times to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Ranging from:

  • Paid campaigns 
  • Posting content organically, 
  • AI chatbots, 
  • Automated Email Marketing

We continually review, monitor, analyse, edit and report on all marketing efforts to get you the best Return On Investment.

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