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How Chaotic is your Agency?

Do you fall asleep when unimaginative, cliched, marketing infomercial bull? pops up, where they drone on and on about ‘hOw uNiQuE ThEy ArE’? 

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Welcome to Collabrium

(where we don’t bore you to sleep)

Instead, we roast the ? out of our competitors for your entertainment.

And oh boy are they going to be mad. 

So sit back, relax, and grab the popcorn… The show is about to begin!

Chaotic Agency Video Origins: 

Mid-Pandemic the Collabrium team were drinking/brainstorming collaboratively at Young Henrys in Newtown…

When the boss was annoyed at how businesses are getting screwed over by chaotic agencies.

This Campaign was created to expose what goes on behind the scenes, so businesses can see who they are actually employing/ being swindled by.

In comparison, at Collabrium we put you first.

Without a doubt putting controversy (around competitors being called out) second.

Chaotic Meeting 

The first motion picture for your viewing pleasure follows our competitors’ workplace ?show pitch meeting, and oh boy does it get ugly. 

Guest Starring…

  • Slick: Anti Plastics, Pro Oil, Judgemental AF
  • Kitty: Loves plastic, Thinks she’s a cat
  • Cecil: Anti-war, Anti-conflict, Whiney
  • Caesar: Pro-War, Pro Refugee
  • Bud: Proper Narco, Not on payroll
  • Petal: Phobia of Disagreement, Ticking Time Bomb
  • Freddy: Functioning Office Alcoholic
  • Hans: Phobia of normally functioning teams, loves routine, budget-conscious

Who does this remind you of in your workplace? Comment below!

To illustrate, let us break down what your budget is wasted on without results.

Opening Scene: 

Coworkers are already at each other’s throats in a pitch meeting, boss encouraging this negative behaviour. Money hungry, abusing the assistant. 

Chaotic Pitch Scene:

  • Kitty has no new ideas, can’t take criticism, blames colleague instead.
  • Petal negatively puts down Kitty’s ideas, crazy and hears voices.
  • Army guy Ceasar proposes a branded political refugee/war agenda.
  • Cecil, angry about his idea, proposes a random wood festival instead.
  • Slick proposes an idea that’s completely out of budget.
  • Alcoholic Freddy has no idea what’s going on.
  • Boss yells and abuses his employees “bunch of monkeys”, denies not telling them what the pitch was about even though he didn’t, uses animal slurs against Kitty.
  • Unethical brand chosen- uses ocean plastic.

Notice how no one can agree on anything? How can you expect them to agree on marketing for your brand? 

Confrontation Scene:

  • Petal bullies Kitty.
  • Slick storms out after boss chooses a brand against her ethics.
  • Kitty and Petal pull funny faces at each other, Petal acts childishly and throws the cats ball out making Kitty chase after it.
  • Boss calls Petal an idiot.
  • Caesar yells “fight, fight”, Petal jumps on his back.
  • What’s more is the boss cheers this aggressive behaviour on and is happy with the outcome. 
  • Freddy sitting in the corner still clueless.
  • Ends on Cecil having a mental breakdown.

How to Avoid These Agencies

To conclude, in most agencies the marketing team is set up to fail.

Conflicting personalities, no collaboration, negative criticism (instead of constructive), power-hungry boss, only focused on money and bad communication skills just to name a few. 

With Collabrium however, we are a tight-knit in house marketing agency collaborating on how we can personalise content for your brand!
How Chaotic is your agency? This is not Collabrium.