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6 Benefits of Google Ads during Lockdown

Google Ads are an important tool for businesses to succeed during Covid-19.

Especially during lockdown where shopping in-person has shifted to the online market. 

(because how else can we entertain ourselves)

Features of Google Ads

  1. Target Demographic
  2. Control Budget
  3. Measure Effectiveness
  4. Monitor Campaigns

These features make it easy for your business to have full control, Google Ads also comes with many advantages as listed below…

Benefits of Google Ads

  1. Increase reach- Google has 40,000 search queries per second. Imagine who you can target in seconds alone! 
  2. Faster Results than SEO- it’s important to have a mix of both as Search Engine Optimisation brings in organic search results, and Google Ads brings in a quick boost to the top search rankings.
  3. Boost Brand Awareness- through increasing traffic, clicks, and conversions!
  4. Find Potential Clients- with Google Ads you can target clients when they are in the market for your service or product.
  5. Target Locally- when customers type in service near me, yours will pop up!
  6. Outrank Competitors- even if big businesses bid more, your business can outrank if Google thinks you are more relevant.

And so much more!

Google Ads Hesitation

Although this brings so many benefits, companies can be hesitant due to how complicated it is to set up and monitor.

That’s where we come in.

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Client Example

In 2021, our client contacted us for help to stay afloat with the NSW Covid-19 Lockdown. 

Collabrium stepped up and created a lockdown saving Google Ad Strategy!

First, we analysed their preexisting data to predict future user behaviour. 

Next, our strategist made changes to the campaign in relation to what their consumers wanted.

Then, we focused on implementing a successful keyword strategy plan according to this data!

Google Ad Results

Based on our results of phone preference, we lowered the daily budget and focused on pushing call leads.

Collabrium generated 45 phone calls for the business from that shift alone.

They only spent $308 all up with a $1.44K Impression, boosted Click Through Rate by 7% and made over $40K in Return on Investment!

Choose Collabrium

  • Client trusted- we have boosted multiple companies through Google Ads, become one of our many happy clients!
  • Transparent- we won’t sell you a service you don’t need (unlike some companies)
  • Predict Consumer behaviour- our analysis is trained to successfully predict your potential client’s behaviour so your strategy can be tailored to their behaviour pattern.
  • Results During Lockdown- even though we are stuck in lockdown, Collabrium is still working hard from home to create successful campaigns for your business!

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See the Visual Succesful Results Below…  

Google Ad Stats from Lockdown 2.0