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The advertising concept that made hits around the world for Coca Cola.


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Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) is one of the largest bottlers of ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region, with over one hundred years of history in Australia.

CCA is proud to locally manufacture and distribute its unrivalled portfolio of food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages!


  • Challenge: In 2018, CCA required a one-off project Engagement Solution that would seamlessly integrate into their renowned ‘Make It Yours’ marketing campaign.
  • Solution: They needed to enhance their POS retail displays with a unique element of theatre and movement, through digital signage provided by Collabrium.
  • Results: The POS Retail Display is known as ‘spectacular’ and was produced for 13 key Woolworths & Independent stores along the Eastern seaboard of Australia.


Not all digital marketing agencies stretch as far as being able to offer digital signage, technical insight, software development and maintenance services.

CCA faced the challenge of ensuring their campaign stood out from the crowd with unique digital signage.

It required sourcing a specialist who could deliver a unification of services within a one-time engagement project solution.

Coke campaign
Coke campaign


Our team were completely invested in ensuring the most advanced approach was applied towards delivering the digital aspects for the campaign.

Not only were we in collaboration with CCA, to integrate our services into their marketing strategy, but we also worked alongside Presfast.

Presfast are experts in new product development (NPD) & FMCG Sales campaign manufacturing and activations.

Collabrium ensured that the digital signage software services seamlessly operated within the world of designing and executing the POS retail display created by Presfast.


When you look at the work that we have provided for CCA, you will recognise that this is not the only project we have delivered.

Our one-time project engagement solutions conveniently add to their current internal marketing resources.

These solutions are so powerful that CCA continues to team up with Collabrium, sourcing our unique services!


The following services were delivered within this one-off Engagement project to meet the strategic marketing needs of CCA:

  • Technical Insight
  • Digital Signage
  • Software Maintenance