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Anita Gelato x Clifford Luu Collaboration


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Anita Gelato is a boutique gelato parlour started by Mama ‘Anita’ whipping up homemade heaven. Over 150 different flavours of sorbet, yogurt, and ice cream are approved first by Anita for the stamp of approval. Everyone gets a scoop from sugar-free to fat-free, even soy-based or full cream.


Challenge: Anita Gelato had less than 48 hours to generate sales for their Clifford Luu Tiramisu partnership.

Solution: Our social advertisement team ran two social media campaigns. Aiming to reach 150 sales across Facebook and Instagram.

Results: Gained 332 conversions, double their aim! 900% Return On Investment, 9 times their spend.


Anita Gelato had less than two days to sell their sweetest alliance. Pairing 3 delicious flavours of gelato with 3 divine flavours of Clifford Luu Tiramisu in their limited time offer. Employees were depending on this to tell in such a short period of time. From Clifford Luu’s team, the cost to create the sweets, the branding plus marketing, delivery plus much more.


So our digital advertisement got to work brainstorming how we can ensure the sell-out of the ‘La Dolce Vita’ Collection. After thorough research, we decided social media ads would work best. Our copywriter and graphic designer quickly got to work while our social media manager set everything up. Overall we ran two targeted social media campaigns across Facebook and Instagram, aiming to reach 150 sales. One ad to drive traffic to their online shop to purchase the dessert Package. The other is to track conversions of people adding items to the cart for research purposes for later advertisements.


In total, across the three ad campaigns we ran, we had a total ad spend of just $380. As a result, Anita Gelato reached almost 105 000 people within their target market and targeted locations. Gaining all up 332 conversions, over double their aim! 900% Return On Investment, nine times their spend.


The following services were delivered to meet the conversion needs of Anita Gelato.

  1. Social Media Ads
  2. Influencer Research
  3. Influencer Event Set-Up
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Copywriting