The Milano styled website, designed to capture the hearts of cafe's

The website, designed to capture the hearts of cafe’s


Website design





The team at Coffee Haus discovered Portioli in Milan, falling in love with their distinct flavours and aromas. From there a partnership began becoming their sole supplier. Bringing the delicate flavours and aromas of Portioli to Australia and New Zealand!


  • Challenge: Coffee Haus wanted to increase their Portoli Coffee and Gime machine sales.
  • Solution: Collabrium delivered a B2B website design that reflected stunning sensory art intertwined with User eXperience.
  • Results: Educates consumers about Portioli and all its qualities. Links Coffee Haus’s connection to the product and why you should too.


The challenge was that the website needed to function in a way that enabled the Coffee Haus sales team. To create a connection with coffee shops for example.

They were seeking a strong presence that would speak to consumers. As well as retail outlets with unique messaging and data.


Collabrium delivered a website design that reflected stunning sensory art. Not only is the design enthralling, and in alignment with the brand. The performance of the website and its marketing approach also bring about plenty of potential.

Plus engaging elements such as a barista quiz, events for wholesalers and consumers!


As a result, we built a custom E-commerce website that increased coffee beans and coffee machine sales. Bringing in new B2B customers through a targeted digital presence. Furthermore, we also improved their SEO, ranking much higher in the search engine results of their target audience.

Coffee Haus has been able to connect with the target audience through the dispatch of effective, ongoing marketing measures.


The following services were delivered for this one-time Engagement Solution:

  • Website Design
  • Sensory Art
  • Audits