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Branding a smash repairer to be in line with their insurance partners


Branding and print



MPSR is an independently owned family run business that provides tailored, professional services.

Their doors opened in 1980 by brothers, Nick, and Elias Karavasilias. Since then, the company has taken leaps and bounds, transforming itself into a state-of-the-art workshop!


  • Challenge: In 2019 MPSR did not have an internal marketing department, which caused issues when they tried to rebrand their company.
  • Solution: MPSR Partnered with Collabrium for assistance with entirely restructuring their company’s brand and message.
  • Results: Their rebrand aligned with the tone and feel of insurance companies, creating a brand that directly sits and operates in the same world.


In 2019 MPSR did not have an internal marketing department, which brang about the challenges of completely re-branding their company seamlessly and effectively. To overcome this difficulty, MPSR united with Collabrium to fulfil a Partnership solution that ultimately delivered on all their marketing needs.

This project focused on the need for attaining a specialist who has the knowledge required for executing a re-brand. If you take a glance at all our associations with MPSR, you will discover that we have also branched off into other areas of digital marketing services.


When it comes to re-branding, there are multidimensional components that must be analysed and transformed.

Re-branding requires finding a trusted digital marketing specialist who can offer a unification of resources to ensure the re-brand is processed seamlessly.


Collabrium has integrated a range of skills and strategic measures to ensure the re-branding process was achieved with quality and finely attuned action.

Our methods behind MPSR’s re-brand are their foundational pillar for generating comfort and trust within their amenities, required for all customers when it comes to smash repair services.


The following services were applied to this Partnership venture:

  • Brand Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • P.O.S + Print