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Sales and marketing alignment for an underdog printing agency


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Presfast are leaders in the design and manufacture of global award-winning retail displays.

They guide their customers through the structural design and manufacturing process so that brands can stand out from the crowd!


  • Challenge: The platform required the integration of 3 different perspectives into 1 location since Presfast’s sales representatives operate differently.
  • Solution: In 2019, Presfast sourced Collabrium’s Partnership Solution to integrate the essential marketing requirements into a newly designed and built website.
  • Results: The marketing perspectives were completely shaped into the website uniquely and successfully.


Presfast does not have an internal marketing department and therefore, do not have all the digital marketing tools at their fingertips.

A company that does not have a strong online presence is unable to showcase their incredible work, reaching potential clients.

With their previous website, the platform was unable to meet their marketing requirements, but reaching out to Collabrium to create a ground-breaking strategy solved this problem.


Collabrium built a website platform that retained all strategic measures in one place.

We incorporated the focus of written articles around Gavin’s role – Founder of Presfast – who mainly works with executives, highlighting exactly what differentiates Presfast from their competitors.

Dante – General Manager – is more aligned with the case studies and projects that Presfast has produced since he mainly collaborates with FMCG and brands such as Coca Cola.

Whereas Michael – Sales Manager – is mainly focused on inbound marketing campaigns and generally maintaining customer satisfaction.


Collabrium ensured all perspectives were covered, including a digital calculator for prospective marketers to discover the millions of dollars that they can potentially generate when investing in POS printing solutions.

Overall, the marketing requirements were completely shaped into the website uniquely and successfully.

So much so, Presfast continues a Partnership Solution with Collabrium for ongoing digital marketing services.

This project is a testament to the full spectrum of work Collabrium can assimilate into one place.


The following services were delivered for this full spectrum Partnership Solution:

  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • CRM Integrations
  • SEO