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The ways in which users absorb media have changed drastically, It is crucial to move with the trends.

Over 3.6 billion people use social media, your money is going down the drain missing out on these potential buyers.

Internet users spend an average of 3 hours on social media per day!

57% of potential clients will follow a business to learn about new products/ services.

91% will then visit their website/ app, 89% will purchase and 85% will recommend it to a family or friend.

Insightful Feedback for Future Strategies

Insightful Feedback for Future Strategies

Results based Social Media Ads

Aside from reaching your business goals, you also gain an in-depth overview of what your target market likes and dislikes.

Insights that you normally wouldn’t discover without the Ads data analytics.

Resulting in:

  • Improved Decision-Making with better outcomes
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Improved Customer Service
  • More Efficient Operations
  • and more.

No Pain No Social Media Gains

Curious about the benefits of successfully running a social media strategy? Continue reading below…

Increased Sales
Increased Reach
Increased Brand Awareness
Higher Conversion Rates
Stay Competitive
Gain Market Insights
Better Customer Experience
Create Detailed Targeting
Reduce Marketing Costs
Increased Customer Reach

Increased Customer Reach

in 12 months

Reduction in Cost Per Result

Reduction in Cost Per Result

in just 6 days

Increase in Web Traffic for MPSR

Increase in Web Traffic for MPSR

in 12 months

See what results we can get for you

See what results we can get for you

This could be you

Our Top Secret Process Revealed:
Hi competitors 😉

Social Media Ads step-by-step


Brainstorming and Discovery01

01 – Brainstorming and Discovery

Brainstorming and Discovery

Learning all about your business and what we need to understand.

Discover your Company:

  • Niche
  • Values
  • Brand personality
  • Story
  • Promise
  • Positioning

Identification Phase02

02 – Identification Phase

Identification Phase

Identifying or Redefining your target market, along with what you are offering.

Distinguishing your Brand:

  • Purpose
  • Hook
  • X-factor
  • Target demographic
  • Mission statement
  • Value proposition

Research & Targeting Phase  03

03 – Research & Targeting Phase  

Research & Targeting Phase  

Resolving your target audience’s problem with your company as the solution

Studying your Target Audience’s

  • Problems
  • Needs
  • Solutions
  • Locations
  • Behaviour
  • and carrying out research analysis

Strategy Phase 04

04 – Strategy Phase 

Strategy Phase 

Strategising around the objective at hand

Process- creating a full strategy

  • Campaign and game plan
  • Objective setting
  • Content creation
  • KPI’s and timelines

Content Creation Phase 05

05 – Content Creation Phase 

Content Creation Phase 

After the strategy phase, we will have decided on what assets and content will need to be created

This will be include

  • Visual support
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • and a mix paid and organic social media

Campaign Execution 06

06 – Campaign Execution 

Campaign Execution 

This is the holistic approach from setup through to launching and recording of paid ads- campaign manager

  • Set-up all elements of the campaign
  • Submit to client for review and approval
  • Launch
  • Continually monitor
  • Make edits
  • Analyse findings and report