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Starring Luke, Video Production Superstar for over ten years! Coming to cinemas near you. Luke’s sense of humour intertwined with professionalism shines through his award-winning work.


We all carry amazing stories with us, stories untold. he will help you bring them to life.

Attention to details

You only have one shot at telling your story right: he will make sure it’s pixel perfect.

Our services

At Collabrium we bring your brand to life through the art of videography, showcasing what differentiates your business from competitors in an engaging way.


Do you need a memorable advertisement? Become unforgettable with Collabrium’s out of the box commercials that shoot your sales through the roof!


Case studies

Collabrium understands what you went through to achieve your dreams, we are passionate about showcasing your triumphant story to turn potential clients into consumers.

Story telling videos


Every business has a story, let us spread the word about how you achieved your business dream just like we have for so many other accomplished companies.

Event videos


Have you got an event coming up? Draw attention through Collabriums buzz-worthy event promos!

Product videography


Have you got a new product or service you want to be promoted? Give your goods the attention they deserve through our promotions that are out of this world, literally.

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Want your images to be brought to life? From Traditional, 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics even stop motion we do it all!

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See what all the fuss is about, become one of Luke’s success stories today!

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