A properly strategised User Experience (UX) is essential to emotionally connecting with your user and creating a clear conversion path channel, having a greater impact on your return on investment.

UI Design aims to eliminate screen anxiety due to poor choices made by designers, like over-cluttering screens and poor colour choices.

How can we assist businesses in implementing video-conferencing solutions in the workplace when they are unsure of where to begin View project

Video Dynamics Australia

Solutions provided:

  • UX/UI design
  • Google Ads


  • +50.25% Impressions compared to the previous month
  • – 25.50% Average CPC compared to the previous month
  • + 77.84% Clicks on Google Ads
How can we convincingly showcase the benefits of franchising to potential business sellers and buyers View project

Franchise Ready

Solutions provided:

  • UX/UI design


  • User-focused journey
  • Completely optimised website for SEO
  • The distinction between different services for different audience groups


Research & Strategy

Before we get creative, we take the time to understand why your site might not be performing to your expectations through extensive research and data analysis. We use specific tools that can be tailored to your business scope. These include customer interviews, insight artefacts such as card sorting, data analysis platforms such as google analytics.

User Flow & Wireframes

User flow and wireframes are design methods that are paramount in creating a practical and easy-to-use platform. Userflow helps us better understand the customer journey, path to purchase and navigation on the website or app. While wireframes give us the capability to map out the entire website, identify any gaps in the continuity, which call to actions to use and the order of sequence.

Design & Prototype

Prototyping is the middle layer between design and development that brings the artwork to life, allowing us to interact with the apps and website experience and ironing out any bottlenecks during the user journey that we may pick up. Which allows us to efficiently update graphics, images, videos, and animations before development.


All of Collabriums’ development is completely custom and purpose built for the intended functionality and design. This ensures your website or app comes SEO ready, lightning fast and safe from major security vulnerabilities.


Regularly updating and maintaining your site/app is crucial to ensure it is safe from security vulrenebilities and meets hosting environment requirements. Ensuring your site is secure and working efficiently determines the long-term success of your business.

Within 2 months of effective influencer marketing, Bao Brothers saw a huge sales growth of 30% during a time where Sydney was coming out of the third covid lockdown
Our Instagram and tiktok organical grew our following and engagement rate by 8% and 34% respectively.


Bao Brothers

We engaged with the talented team at Collabrium after the exceptional work that they did with The Bavarian brand. The team was able to implement their influencer marketing strategy very successfully.

Fast, result driven, creative and genuine. We highly recommend using Collabrium.

Cindy Li

Munich Brauhaus

Had the pleasure of working with collabrium recently and cannot express how professional and easy they are to work with. They really understand the time and effort it takes as an influencer to produce content. My experience overall was super pleasant and cannot thank them enough.
Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

sylvia Harper

Sylvia Harper