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Benefits of Your Very Own Ordering Service

The battle between in-house vs outsourcing has been going on for decades. Whether your own online ordering app is better than a third party selling your service for you.  However, when you take in the fact that almost 80% of customers would prefer to order directly from the company… It puts the benefit of in-house […]

How Instagram’s New Change Will Affect Your Business

BREAKING NEWS: Have you heard the controversial message from Instagram?  The top dog of Insta, Adam Mosseri has made a shock announcement to transform into an entertainment-focused app. Leaving behind the square photo-sharing app that they are famous for.  Index: What Changes Will Be Made Instagram Update Backlash Rebuttal for Instagram Update Will This Affect […]

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    Breaking news
    Breaking News

    How Instagram’s Controversial Change Will Affect Your Business.

    Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for influencing your market. But why is social media marketing so important?