Collabrium is an independent creative marketing agency. We specialise in dreaming up and crafting powerful ideas for ambitious brands looking to make an impact on people.

How it all started

Miroslavs inspiration to start Weaving Weblets


Our director Miroslav was a child with a love for art, science and maths. As he grew older, he was obsessed with studying people and why they do what they do, or what motivates them to identify the way they do.

He was known as an amature therapist as he could quickly problem solve for people who needed advice.

This inspired him to create an organisation, surrounding himself with likeminded people, applying creative, out of the box style thinking fused with logic to problem solving digital issues.

The foundation of Weaving Weblets


The company was registered in Dec 2009 under Weaving Weblets. Why? To solve the problems.
Which problems?

  • User Experience frustrations.
  • Marketing bottlenecks.
  • Poor internal processes.

Since the beginning, we have always wanted our clients to get what they required and be proud of the solution that’s been done for them.

Our office was located in Wynyard for the first year, then we moved into our home base of Newtown a year later.

Weaving Weblets growth through time


Our first employee joined us in 2013 and our first marketing role was offered in 2016.

Despite a number of challenges that we had to come through, we successfully worked with more and more national and international clients.

What’s the magic?

As Miroslav says, “Hunger, strategic thinking and hustle. And a sprinkle of psycho.”

The rebrand to Collabrium

Rebrand and more growth

We rebranded the company and became Collabrium in 2019 for our 10 year anniversary. We had grown so much in terms of new services offered and how we work with our clients that we needed to reidentify ourselves.

In 2021, we completely restructured our services to make us more accessible and to be able to work with more clients.

In 2022, having survived the agonising pain of covid, we back the game and are now ready to have a record-breaking year for 2023.

How we work