How can we boost sales through influencer marketing and location-based social ads?

2022 - present
Marketing, Social Media
Lift in Google Search (SEO) conversions in 3 months
Reduction in cost per leads from Facebook in 3 months
Improved bounce rate in 3 months
How can we boost sales through influencer marketing and location-based social ads
Lift in Google Search (SEO) conversions in 3 months
Reduction in cost per leads from Facebook in 3 months
Improved bounce rate in 3 months


Lukumades, also known as ‘Greek doughnuts – Loukoumades’, are a beloved treat in Greece. These delectable doughnuts are served in the afternoon, drizzled with honey syrup and sprinkled with crushed walnuts. The journey of Lukumades began in 2016 as a food truck in Melbourne, Australia – a renowned foodie capital. They quickly expanded and opened their first bricks and mortar store in just 9 months. Today, Lukumades has over 20 stores across Australia, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the USA.

As we step into our second year of managing Lukumades Central Park’s influencer marketing, this case study serves as a testament to the transformative impact of our effective marketing strategies and the robust value we provide to our clientele.

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Embarking on the project with Lukumades presented numerous challenges. The most pressing issue was a significant sales slump, especially at their Central Park location in Sydney. This was primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly reduced foot traffic from universities, student housing, and tourists, their main customer base.

The pandemic also forced Lukumades to cut operating hours to reduce expenses, further impacting revenue. Additionally, despite rapid expansion, Lukumades faced a lack of brand awareness. They needed a robust marketing and social media strategy to boost visibility and drive sales during these unprecedented times. Our main objectives were to navigate these challenges and enhance Lukumades’ brand awareness and sales.

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Research & Strategy

Our research and strategy for Lukumades focused on understanding the local demographic and tailoring our content to appeal to them. This included visually compelling ads for a paid social media campaign and a robust influencer marketing campaign. We believed these strategies would boost brand awareness and online orders via UberEats.

Our research primarily involved qualitative methods to understand the business, target demographic, and effective visuals. Additionally, we included real and raw footage of the donuts being made in the influencer marketing brief to offer authenticity and a behind-the-scenes look at Lukumades.

Within a week of launching the ads and influencer campaign, we achieved a record week of sales, confirming the effectiveness of our approach.

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To achieve Lukumades’ goals and tackle challenges, we implemented a two-pronged marketing strategy over three months. Our approach involved location-based social ads to capture locals’ attention and encourage them to order Lukumades.

Additionally, we partnered with 20 influencers monthly for three consecutive months to boost brand awareness on social media.

These paid ads and influencer collaborations effectively amplified Lukumades’ market presence and led to increased sales within the established timeline.

Influencer marketing campaign and location-based social adsInfluencer marketing campaign and location-based social ads


Our collaboration with Lukumades was a phenomenal success. Within just one week of implementing our two-pronged marketing strategy, the client experienced an unprecedented surge in business, setting a new sales record.

The effectiveness of the location-based social ads and influencer marketing campaign was evident in the impressive results, further amplified by the high-quality creatives we provided. The appreciative feedback from Doug, the client, underscored the quality and efficiency of our work, and his referrals have expanded our client base.

Our partnership with Lukumades continues to flourish as we enter our second year managing their influencer marketing for Lukumades Central Park. This consistent growth and positive outcome highlight the success of our strategies and the value we bring to our clients.

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