How do we boost brand awareness with strategic social media marketing?

The Bavarian
2022 - present
TikTok engagement
Instagram engagement
+350 %
Reach for IG Reels and TikTok video plays
How do we boost brand awareness with strategic social media marketing?
TikTok engagement
Instagram engagement
+350 %
Reach for IG Reels and TikTok video plays


The Bavarian brings a fusion of German-inspired cuisine and Australian hospitality to cities and regional areas of Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on great food, unbeatable German beers, and a lively atmosphere, this affordable and family-friendly restaurant offers classic dishes such as warm pretzels, roast pork belly, and generous platters of traditional German meats.

This case study presents our strategic approach in enhancing brand awareness and promoting the unique offerings of The Bavarian.

social media background the bavarian


When we started The Bavarian project, we encountered significant challenges. One concern was the decrease in online engagement across their venues in NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, and VIC. This disconnect with their target audience was worsened by a lack of awareness about The Bavarian’s unique specials.

The client’s brief highlighted the need for a revitalized User Generated Content (UGC) strategy, as their existing approach fell short of expectations.

Navigating post-Covid marketing setbacks, inflation, and reduced consumer spending presented additional hurdles.

The Bavarian required a fresh, robust strategy to reach their audience, increase brand awareness, and promote their offerings through influencer marketing and UGC.

social media challenge the bavarian

Research & Strategy

Following the meetings with the client on the influencer marketing program, we first carefully curated the finest content creators located in NSW, ACT, QLD, SA and VIC on Instagram and TikTok that perfectly matched the target audience for The Bavarian. Their content had to be captivating, vividly showcasing the unique atmosphere and offerings of the venues.

Secondly, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive brief for the selected content creators, outlining their tasks and responsibilities during their visit to The Bavarian. This included specific guidelines on what to capture, what to highlight (such as the specials), and how to generate excitement.

Next, we coordinated with the management team at The Bavarian to ensure their staff was well-informed about the scheduled presence of the content creators at their venue on a particular date and time.

social media strategy the bavarianWe carefully curated the finest content creators


In order to address the unique needs of The Bavarian, we implemented comprehensive influencer marketing strategies coupled with UGC.

Our approach was framed within a well-defined timeline of initial two months. We first conducted in-depth research and formulated a detailed strategy. We then moved to the implementation phase, where we launched our influencer marketing and UGC campaigns, and closely monitored their success utilising social insight data from Tiktok and Instagram.

Our strategy was not merely focused on creating viral content and driving high engagement, but also on ensuring that a majority of the audience was local to the client’s venue. This multi-pronged strategy resulted in a significant uptick in sales, bookings, and inquiries, underlining the power and effectiveness of our tailored solutions.

social media solutions the bavarianSome of the content creators that we recruited for the programme


Our successful collaboration with The Bavarian brand has yielded significantly positive results, as evidenced by the data derived from Instagram and TikTok insights. Each piece of content we initiated showed a marked increase in engagement within just one week of posting. The effectiveness of our tailored solutions can be seen in the subsequent uplift in sales, bookings, and inquiries.

This success is not just vetted by numbers, but also by the positive feedback we received from our clients. Cindy, Head of Marketing at The Bavarian, commended our team for our fast-paced, result-driven, creative, and genuine approach, highly recommending our services.

The impact of our work has led to a robust ongoing relationship with The Bavarian group, who now solely rely on our expertise for their influencer marketing program. They continually reach out to us for promotional meals and have entrusted us with their other ventures, El Camino and Munich Brahaus, as well.

social media results the bavarianSome of the reels created by our influencers