How do we provide peace of mind to Australian skippers with standalone liability insurance?

Marine Skippers Insurance
UX/UI design
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How do we provide peace of mind to Australian skippers with standalone liability insurance?
+29.9K %
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When it comes to navigating the sometimes treacherous waters of Australia’s vast coastline, skippers have a lot to worry about. From unpredictable weather conditions to potential collisions and other marine incidents, there are many risks that can keep skippers up at night.

However, with the introduction of Marine Skippers Insurance, commercial and delivery skippers can rest easy knowing they have a dedicated insurance product designed specifically for their needs.

This case study offers an insight into our collaborative journey with Marine Skippers Insurance and the innovative solutions we devised to help them make a mark in the Australian insurance market.

UX and UI Design project background for Marine Skippers Insurance


Collabrium faced challenges in the initial phase of the Marine Skippers Insurance project. Our client targeted a specialized audience of commercial and delivery skippers, necessitating a UX/UI design tailored to their needs. With no existing website or visual assets, we built the user interface from scratch.

Our client’s goals were to provide comprehensive liability insurance information and facilitate easy form submissions. To address these challenges, Collabrium developed a new visual identity, including a fresh colour palette, typography, and graphics.

We also created a one-page website outlining the available policies and featuring an interactive enquiry form. This comprehensive approach ensured a user-friendly, visually appealing, and trustworthy digital presence for Marine Skippers Insurance.

Marine Skippers Insurance new website

Research & Strategy

During the research and strategy phase for Marine Skippers Insurance, our main focus was understanding the client’s business and the challenges they faced.

We conducted qualitative and brand research. For the former, we analyzed the target audience to understand commercial and delivery skippers’ perspectives and needs. A comprehensive competitive analysis followed to identify market trends and assess the client’s position.

Regarding brand research, we aimed to create a new visual identity that resonated with users and the industry. We studied design conventions like colour palettes, logos, and typography to develop a brand image that met the client’s objectives and enhanced their digital presence.

UX and UI Design project research and strategy for Marine Skippers InsuranceExtracts from the research


To meet the needs of Marine Skippers Insurance, we implemented a comprehensive solution that included UX/UI design, social media marketing, and branding. Our strategy focused on creating a visual identity that reflected the company’s values and instilled trust in users, crucial for insurance businesses.

We chose two primary blues to represent the oceanic environment and two secondary turquoise blues to enhance credibility. Additionally, we designed an interactive enquiry form for users to quickly provide necessary details, enabling tailored insurance policies.

This approach ensured an optimal user experience aligned with Marine Skippers Insurance’s goals.

UX and UI Design project solutions for Marine Skippers InsuranceMarine Skippers Insurance new brand visual identity


We achieved exceptional and transformative results for Marine Skippers Insurance. Our expertly crafted UX/UI design, including a responsive website and interactive enquiry form, significantly improved site usability. This was particularly impactful considering most skippers’ non-digital background, as they appreciated the easier and more enjoyable interface.

For branding, we delivered a new colour palette, type scale, imagery, and icons, while preserving the original logo. These effectively reinforced the company’s values and trustworthiness.

Consequently, we experienced a considerable increase in enquiries and heightened user engagement, clearly indicating the positive influence of our design and branding on the company’s online presence.

UX and UI Design project results for Marine Skippers InsuranceMarine Skippers Insurance new website