Lets Dig into Facebook Brand Awareness Ads Together!

Lets Dig into Facebook Brand Awareness Ads Together!

With SO many different types of ads out there in both the PPC and Social Media Marketing world, it can become confusing in knowing which type or types are going to work best for your business.

BUT hang in there, you aren’t alone.

A lot of clients and businesses that I have worked on are in the same boat.

No two businesses are ever the same when it comes to marketing or the way to market.

Every business owner/BDM are asking the same questions…

“What kind of marketing does my business need?”

“What kind of marketing is going to give me the fastest results?”

“What kind of marketing should I be investing in?”

And the list goes on, but here is the answer…

Businesses achieve the best results when their marketing efforts are spread across multiple platforms and tested continuously.

A target audience and the audiences needs are forever changing, and you need to be changing with them to last in this competitive market.

This can mean that for some businesses, it is time to bite the bullet and jump on Google Ads. For some businesses it means giving different advertising on Social Media channels and ad types a chance. And for the majority of businesses it means trying a combination of multiple marketing options at once.

Most people know what Google ads are, are using them for their business, or have used them in the past. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Facebook has just updated their Brand Awareness Ads settings.

So what are they?

Facebook Brand Awareness Ads are designed to help advertisers find their audiences that are most likely to recall their ads. In fact, Facebook analysed hundreds of brand campaigns across it’s platform and found that the longer someone spends on an ad, the more likely, the audience, are to remember what they have seen.

The goal of Brand Awareness ads is to increase the recall of your ads among your target audience. It’s not about generating immediate sales!

Now you are probably thinking…”What’s the big deal?” But by having control over the frequency of your ads, you can choose not to display the ads to the same person for anything from 1 to 90 days!

This also means that you can run a brand awareness campaign for a longer time period without spamming the audience AND use this ad type in addition to other direct response campaigns, i.e. website clicks, website conversions, app installs, etc.

So who are these ads useful for?

These kinds of ads can be useful for brands/businesses where a high consideration (to buy a product or service) period is much longer, as well as small businesses.

For example, by launching a Brand Awareness Campaign, setting the frequency you want for the Ads and letting this ad run for a long period of time with a small daily budget will provide you with consistency. Consistency that will help your business become more recognised and recalled by the target audience.

So after all that information, what do you think?

Do you think it is worth running a brand awareness ad while also running other campaigns for your business?