So You Wrote a Blog Post. What Now?

So You Wrote a Blog Post. What Now?

You are a wiz at writing blog posts.

You have spent all this time researching and analysing content.

And you have finally produced a quality post that you think your audience will LOVE.

But it isn’t quite generating the amount of traffic you thought it would of.

SEO can play a huge role in generating traffic to your blog post, and sure it should definitely but implemented BUT it isn’t your only option.

(*SEO should be implemented with one or all of these tips)

Here are 7 best practices for you to follow/check next time you publish a blog post in order to generate traffic and engagement.

Share The Blog Post with Your Email List

This is a great way to make your clients and contacts feel special with an ‘exclusive first-look.’ It also takes away the need to search for your content online.

Publish The Blog Post on Your Core Social Channels

This practice is essential, social media can reach a large number of people from all different demographics and backgrounds as well as very specific demographics if you wish to target. You can boost posts, create social ads or target your hashtags surrounding your content to attract the right audience, as well as build one.

Social media channels are perfect for quick engagement and sharing.

Run a Targeted Social Campaign Promoting the Blog Post

Surround your outbound marketing content around the week the blog post has been published (or will be) creates a strong entry approach for your audience to learn more surrounding the content.

For example:

You could create a lead-up campaign with social media posts targeting a specific blog post ‘topic’ before the blog post goes live, with ‘stay tuned’ content as well as engagement pieces to ask what your audience may be more willing to read. (You could add this to the blog and retarget the audience who may have needed the information suggested.)

Post Your Blog on Popular Bookmarking Sites Like Reddit, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, etc.

While this doesn’t have the same SEO sticking power it used to, it can definitely increase traffic to the post.

Comment on Other Related Blog Posts in The Industry and Guide Them to Your Updated Posts!

This is a great way to engage with other industries and harness the audience from one industry to your post. Not to mention you will help the audience learn along the way, add relevant information to the discussion and perhaps learn something yourself.

One tip from me: Go through blog comments to distinguish what people truly want to read or need to know and tailor your blog posts to target them.

Add Your Latest Blog Post as a Headline in Your Email Signature. Keep This Around for Two Weeks to Increase Clicks!

How many emails do you send a day?

How many of those emails are being forwarded between people as well as different departments/industries internally?

This is a small but powerful approach in gaining genuine traffic and reads. You can even hyperlink your own content into emails, if ‘said’ client is asking a specific question that you have written about previously!

Reach Out to Non-competing Industry-related Brands and Ask Them to Share Your Blog Post on Their Site or Social Channels. Tell Them You Will Do The Same for Them!

And last but not least. Share the love. A perfect example here would be LinkedIn. While sharing an industries content that you find interesting, you are harnessing their audience as well as building your profile full of engagement and interests.

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