The facebook 70 20 10 rule

The Facebook 70-20-10 Rule

What is the Facebook 70-20-10 rule and how can you implement it within your social media content?

Have you ever had trouble trying to balance the types of content posted on your Facebook Page? If the answer is yes then this rule is for you!


  • 70% of Facebook posts should add value and build the brand
  • 20% should share ideas or content from other sources that your audience will be interested in and are industry-related
  • 10% should be promotional, with offers and discounts offered to followers

Consider which content will engage your audience but keep it varied by adding questions, callouts or observations about the industry that you are in.

An example from Target shows us a creative way to implement user engagement while keeping it industry-related, but a good Facebook strategy is more than just linking websites and blogs. If you require engagement, then you literally have to ask for it.

I need a social media strategist

This isn’t a hard rule but rather a point for discussion, with the rule becoming flexible, and being applied across different social networks. For example, the rule could apply to different aspects of budgeting time and resources.

If you focus the majority of your efforts on maintaining your brand, then you can allocate the remaining time to the rest of your marketing efforts and ensure that what you are posting is resonating with customers with an emotional charge.

Need a Social Media Strategist?

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