The Psychology of Colour

Influencing the Eyes

Did you know that sight is one of the most powerful senses in the world?

We are living in a time that is profoundly shaped by colour and this enables organisations to powerfully influence the decision-making of customers through the use of visual communication.

When it comes to website design, social media marketing or advertising graphics there are many directions to take. Nevertheless, the best way to reach the emotions and feelings of potential customers is by delivering artwork that will positively influence the eyes.

Colour Schemes

While sensory marketing can drive positive results, it can also create undesirable results.

Psychology plays a huge role in colour, art and image, so if you are not completely invested in the strategy behind your colour scheme, there’s a chance you could trigger unwanted thoughts or feelings.

You have to be strategical about the concepts you have in place when delivering visual communication. Your strategies must ensure that the chosen colours directly align with the tone, feel and essence of the brand. Black and white are the most common colours used in today’s society, so let’s take a look at the psychological aspects of what these colours reflect.


In marketing and branding psychology, black is associated with boldness, formality, mystery, strength, luxuriousness, and seriousness.


In marketing and branding, white is used to convey a feeling of safety, purity, freshness, and cleanliness, as well as to create contrast.

You can learn about more psychology of different colours by visiting Very Well Mind.

Invested in Strategy

Beliefs and feelings regarding colour are deeply ingrained into the subconscious mind.

At Collabrium, we know that personal experience and culture often shapes colour preference. This is why our approach to creating sensory art is heavily invested in tactical measures. Our work is always produced through the eyes of innovation.

Whether you’re trying to generate a belief, feeling, thought or opinion, we are a team with expansive mindsets equipped to help you. It is our passion to deliver graphic design solutions that are profoundly aligned with a brand’s message.

Let’s Hear Your Thoughts

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