Uniting Print with Digital Marketing

Uniting Print with Digital Marketing

Print isn’t Dead

You may have fallen for the misleading myth that print is dead.

Digital is extremely powerful because of the simple fact that 4.54 billion people use the internet. However, organisations are fast learning that combining their digital marketing strategies with print marketing creates a far stronger position in a competitive market.

Print marketing has been around for over 500 years and it still matters. Why? Because print marketing has such a profound connection towards influencing certain senses that digital isn’t always able to achieve.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should now ditch your digital marketing strategies – it’s extremely vital to have a balance between the two.

No Print, No Power

Achieving business goals and development through a sole focus on digital might be possible for some, but this is not for everyone.

The key to delivering a ground-breaking marketing campaign is to create as many multi-sensory connections as possible.

Those who read from something physical are more able to feel and trust the products/services they are reading about which increases attraction towards the brand that is being promoted.

DMR – the home of statistics – explain 10 print marketing statistics that you should know for 2020.

No Print, No Power

Where Print Marketing Meets Digital

If we are all subjective people who lead subjective lifestyles, then an organisation must not be rigid with its marketing strategies. Instead, crafting multi-dimensional solutions is the catalyst for reaching a wider range of customers.

At Collabrium, we respect that no single marketing campaign is the same. This is why our team is adaptable and strategical. We honour the power of combining print marketing with digital. Producing unique tools that support your business in forging the most effective path… So that your business can be seen and heard.

The Balance Between Digital and Print

Organisations are fast discovering that a marketing campaigns success is dependent on combining both elements. With a strong online presence as well as printed material.

Print marketing offers an experience that reinforces human to human connection as well as the beauty of living in a material world. Being able to hold something in the hands is an experience in itself.

Collabrium believes that having print marketing covered is the best way to encourage purchasing. Since it generates positive emotions through the implementations of sensory marketing.