The Importance of CRM Inbound Marketing

So what is CRM Inbound Marketing?

Why do we recommend focusing on CRM before starting to implement your outbound marketing strategies?

Most of the time our clients are in the ‘transition phase’ when we initially meet. The client generally has no idea what needs to be done to achieve growth in their business. That is where Collabrium comes in.

What we do

Prior to the initial meeting with the client, we gain industry information on the business, as well as other core information. This helps us to understand the current positioning of the business, both within the industry and area they currently sit in.

Once the client is on board we set aside an initial period of time to go through a series of branding exercises created in-house, that best align with our design metrics. These branding exercises compromise of a number of different explorations, where we sit with the client and analyse the company as a whole.

We then move forward and propose the right plan of action catered specifically for the business.

9/10 times, the client is performing with very basic CRM. This is not to say that it’s the client’s fault. In fact, the majority of businesses today still rely on manually sending out emails to their customers including their monthly newsletters.

SO Why Are We Saying This?

Well, it is time to get your house in order and when we say house, we mean your current CRM system. This should be the first plan of attack!

By tending to your CRM and organising your customers by lifecycle, you can instantly see the contacts who may need immediate follow-ups. This alone is extremely effective in targeting potential leads, which are currently sat in your CRM as past clients, as well as retargeting.

Ever heard the phrase ‘sitting on a gold mine’? Well, the majority of our clients are doing exactly that with their current contact list. Unfortunately, they are not doing anything to retain the contacts or keep them engaged!

The Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is So Important

We target your customers, taking them through a series of automated workflows and engagement campaigns. Designed by Collabrium, we strategically generate lead growth from the customers you currently have in your system.

We build trust and engagement with your current customers through automatically segmenting them into engagement lifecycles. We are then able to increase lead generation, as well as conversions.

The same can be done internally, by creating automated workflows that will alert team members that their current lead or past contact is online looking at a specific page on the website. This enables them to act on a follow-up call, alerted to them via email.

The best part is, there are endless possibilities to streamlining a catered inbound marketing strategy that is right for you and your business. This is by no means a one-time action plan. This process is continuously worked on and constantly being redefined by us each week.

By building a lean CRM system targeting your current contact list with all the correct workflow automation in place, taking your customers through each of their own personal progress stages. Following this, we can begin to start our outbound marketing services.

Need Support with Your CRM Integrations?

Collabrium offer tailor-made solutions. Be sure to check out what we can do for you.